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“Made in the USA” isn’t just a marketing slogan for us. We take tremendous pride in knowing that we are part of the industrial movement to bring manufacturing jobs and skills back to the USA.

Building the Future of Fabrication

State-of-the-art fabrication equipment including: Waterjet Technology, Robotic Pipe Cutters, CNC Machines, and one-of-a-kind machines designed explicitly by Titan’s engineers.

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Waterjet Machine

Emerging Tech

Waterjet cutting is ideal when precise part cutting is required. Our water jet has a large cutting area of 96” x 156” and can cut materials up to 12” thick with tolerances up to .005” can be achieved. We can cut steels, composites, plastics, rubber, fiberglass, and much more.

Robotic Cutting Machine

Robotic Cutting

Our robotic pipe cutter can automatically cut pipe with diameters ranging from 3” all the way up to 48”. This 5-Axis, Robotic Pipe Cutter is capable of making numerous types of intricate cuts including: saddles, multiple saddles, miter, double miter, gusset slots, offshore crowns, and much more.

CNC Machine

CNC Machining

Titan has a variety of CNC vertical mills, horizontal mills and turning centers. These machines are capable of running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Speed, accuracy, economy, and repeatable are only a few advantages of our machines when comparable to traditional, manual machines.

Design Capabilities

Piping Systems often have special requirements that can’t be accomplished with off-the-shelf products. To address this problem, Titan can design and fabricate pressure vessels based upon your detailed application  requirements.  Our knowledgeable engineers are always available to discuss your special application requirements.

Experience Your Designs with Interactive 3D Models

Using powerful 3D Modeling Tools, Titan Flow Control can quickly transform your design requirements into great products. These rapid development tools allow Titan to provide you with an accurate 3D Model before fabrication starts.  This allows the end user to virtually review the design within their system; ensuring proper fit and avoiding costly mistakes.

Flow Simulation

Pumping Systems demand that energy requirements be exact. Placing an unknown element into a system that results in excessive head loss can be disastrous. Titan uses advanced CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis, to make sure your design performs as expected.  Our CFD tools can assist in aligning your design with flow conditions (such as pressure drop) to satisfy stated design goals.

Request a Quote

Want a fabrication quote? Titan's qualified staff of engineers and an experienced fabrication department will work with you to develop the most efficient solution for your piping system. Because of Titan's stringent inspections and testing, you can be assured that each fabricated product that you receive will be of the highest of quality.