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Once upon time, there were two strainer designs and each had their own benefits:

  • Slant type Basket Strainers had a straight flow path, which was ideal for laminar flow and minimal pressure drop.
  • Over-the-top type Basket Strainers prevented debris from bypassing the straining element.

That was until Titan's engineering team re-wrote the book and created the BS87, a brand new basket strainer design. Providing the best of both worlds, the BS87 has an over-the-top basket design for finer filtrations AND dual annulus for more laminar flow resulting in less pressure drop.

Read on to learn about how Titan's new basket strainer could provide the "happy ever after" for your pipeline story!

Chapter One: Smooth Flow

To begin with, Titan's engineers knew they wanted the BS87 to provide laminar flow so they gave the BS87 dual annulus for a smooth flow path.  Using flow simulation testing, they determined this design achieved a 10% reduction in pressure loss compared to the over-the-top type of Basket Strainers.

Chapter Two: Clean Flow

Because Basket Strainers are installed to minimize debris in pipelines and protect downstream equipment, it was also important for the BS87 to prevent debris from slipping past the straining element. Therefore, Titan FCI's engineers designed the BS87 with a machined, flat seat for the straining element.  This feature allows an O-ring to be installed underneath the lip of the straining element creating a tight seal.

Chapter Three: Top It Off with a Quick Cover Option

Lastly, Titan's engineers focused on the user's convenience. The BS87 comes STANDARD with a quick open cover, reducing maintenance times and requiring NO TOOLS.

Appendix: How to Find Out More about the BS87 Series

Titan Flow Control's BS87 Series is currently available with CARBON STEEL or STAINLESS STEEL bodies. For more information, download the current specification sheet. Titan offers numerous straining element options, including a variety of perforations, meshes, materials. You can find Titan FCI's screen selection guide HERE.